• Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions - Medical Billing

    Many Physician Groups and Practice Management Companies utilize outside vendors for their coding and billing functions. As you know, the coding and billing piece is critical to the financial viability of any Emergency Department. Over the last few years, coding and billing vendors have faced adversity with OIG Investigations and "Whistleblower" lawsuits. The relationship with your coding and billing vendor must constitute a partnership to survive in today's times of decreasing insurance payments and increasing compliance liability. Our staff of professionals has emergency medicine billing experience with several national billing companies.

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  • Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions - Medical Billing

    Since we have worked for and with several companies, we can provide critical information regarding the industry. This information is pertinent to your decision of a vendor and the price you will pay for that vendor. Furthermore, CMBS can assist you with the continual auditing and monitoring of your chosen vendor to assure that you are in compliance with the OIG guidelines for third party billing companies. Since each physician is individually responsible for every insurance claim submitted on his or her behalf, it is very important to monitor your billing and coding company. If you would like more information regarding CMBS Billing Services, please email our director of new business, Craig Deitch.

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